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    Japan advanced mold forming technology

            In except snow machine development and metal processing business Fujii Corporation (Headquarters: Japan Yan City in Niigata Prefecture), to reduce the mold cost "aqua forming method, can realize the deep drawing part forming. These suppliers through reduce the mold, reduce the size of the mold, and even the use of layer by layer forming, no longer use mold method. In this way, not only reduce the cost, and ensure the quality, very worthy of our reference.


             Fujii company has applied to the combine harvester of agricultural machinery parts processing, production of threshing operation in conveying of rice husk fan rotation cover.Material selection was thick 2.3mm deep cold rolled steel sheet (SPCE).


           Aqua forming method is actually the "opposed hydraulic stamping forming method of application, the Japanese companies' manufacturing amino opposed hydraulic punching machine. Unlike usual stamping machine, below the hosts on the opposing hydraulic punching machine set the sink, which (or opposite) liquid water with alternative die under stamping. Using the Aqua forming process, the parts of the sample are: firstly, the sheet is taken from the billet forming into deep drawing form. Because the 1 punch can be finished deep red, so can reduce the mold (a). Then, the laser cutting is made, and the coating is made into the sample parts..


           This punch machine first needs to use a two dimensional laser machine to cut into the shape of the plate, and then set the billet on the punching machine stamping. At this point, the blank continue to bear the vertical uniform pressure (opposed hydraulic) can be completely the same with the shape of the convex mold parts processing. Can according to the feeding speed of stamping, on the edge of the fixed blank of force (BHF) and opposed hydraulic optimization, than using the die usually stamping deeper stroke. Stamping process takes only 1 times.


           The principle of metal and resin bonding, that is, chemical coupling and anchoring effect ".In the metal part surface, the surface treatment of organic compound three is needed..Then, under the condition of heating the metal parts, the resin is extruded to the part surface with a certain pressure, and the bonding strength of the two is improved.. PM-7 is able to shorten the preheating time by heating before the injection, and directly cooling the metal parts with the electrode.


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