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    Taiwan precision machinery and mold alliance officially into force

           In recent years, due to the mainland car city hot, not only the domestic components factory benefit, Taiwan Dongyang, Dayi, Jiang Shen, Rayleigh and TYC, parts factory have also benefited. The domestic auto market is in a high stage of growth, the Taiwan related components factory due to the layout of the early stage, now stage has entered the harvest stage.


           In the global economy gradually heated under expected Taiwan's mold industry will have the opportunity to sustained recovery, not only in the export market, have the opportunity to continue to rise, the domestic market will because the terminal demand increasing, the corresponding mold demand also increased.


           Taiwan's leading enterprises in the mold industry plays a leading role of mainstay, improve their information systems and technology level, ensuring mold industry healthy and smooth development. However, in the mould industry of our country, referred to the leading enterprises can be counted on one's fingers, because for a long time, the compilation of the Chinese enterprises by large and, small effect, internal design a mold production workshop, production mold for their business services, which resulted in the professional mold factory rarely, even if there is a professional mold factory, the scale is not large. At present, the automobile industry as a representative of the manufacturing industry, is rapid development, market is in dire need of precision, performance stable large mold, domestic FAW die manufacturing companies, such as large mold company's efforts, to the industry the driving effect.


           Recently, Taiwan precision machinery and tooling, strategic alliance, in Tainan County Government, precision machining centers, plastic center, center of metal support military official to, in promote production, learning and research between communication and cooperation, to help the industry to make good use of domestic research units of the R & D energy, developing high additional value of machinery and equipment, joint procurement, marketing, integration development plays a great role in promoting, will promote the development of Taiwan's mold industry better.


           Article link: China Plastic Machinery Network 


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