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    Mechanical Research Institute "advanced near net forming and die manufacturing technology" through the acceptance of

           Mechanical Science Research Institute, organization and implementation of the national science and technology support program "advanced near net shape and mold manufacturing technology" key project by the Ministry of science and technology acceptance.


           The project addresses the needs of the automotive, aerospace, energy and other areas, focusing on the development and equipment research technology precision casting, precision plastic molding, precision connectors, precision molds and other aspects related to generic technology, breaking the aluminum multifunctional anti- PSA gravity casting technology, a large shaft in cross wedge rolling technology, high-power solid-state laser - MIG pulse arc hybrid welding technology, micro injection molding and micro mold design and manufacturing technology, near-net-shape key technology areas need to be resolved, the development of China's largest cross wedge rolling machine, China's first set of uniform thin wall shaped ring rolling machine, China's first large-thickness aluminum structural parts and other heavy friction stir welding outfit, to achieve some of auto parts, aerospace components, precise manufacture of large power generation equipment parts and molds, forming 25 production lines, 24 production testing base, is eligible for patent licensing 28 (including patents 18); the development of national standards 15, industry standard 6; National Science and Technology Reward 2, provincial and ministerial level science and technology achievement awards 7, has made 700 million yuan of direct economic benefits.


           Acceptance of the project team of experts on the achievements made to give a high evaluation, that the implementation of the project is of great significance to enhance the technical level and market competitiveness of equipment manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and other industries.


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